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For the most part i have always bought ‘on brand’ ya know in the chip world, “Bluebirds the word”. Danielle on the other hand is more of a Pams kinda girl. This does lead to the odd… discussion around who is right and wrong.

This time however she has me. Pam’s Chicken chips or ‘Chups’ being kiwi and all are sooo much better. They just have way more flavor! If you are a fan of chicken chips then i really do suggest you try them. 🙂

Well after years of running on cpanel i have moved this blog to an AWS box managed by ServerPilot. So far its been too easy… 🙂

Well it had been 4 days since I ate my words (again) and purchased an albeit secondhand iPad. In short here is the good and the bad at this point.
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Although I’m no longer 14 or part of the in crowd (Pretty sure I never was) I have nevertheless come across a new word. Skux. After some twitter dialog and enquires, I am still none the wiser. It appears it is one of thoese words that can have totally different meanings depending on location and context. Closest NZ version from urban dictionary states:

can depend, eg: definition in north island high schools is ” a good looking or cool person esp male”, where as in some remote places of the South Island of New Zealand it can mean “shit”
North island: ” man Tama is so skux, i love his hair.. and stuff”
south island: “i took a skux on her lawn man hahahaha!”

However twitter thinks its more “wannabe player”. So yeh. New word of the day. Enjoy.

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Danielle riding the bus with me. Love the purple!