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Well it had been 4 days since I ate my words (again) and purchased an albeit secondhand iPad. In short here is the good and the bad at this point.
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Although I’m no longer 14 or part of the in crowd (Pretty sure I never was) I have nevertheless come across a new word. Skux. After some twitter dialog and enquires, I am still none the wiser. It appears it is one of thoese words that can have totally different meanings depending on location and context. Closest NZ version from urban dictionary states:

can depend, eg: definition in north island high schools is ” a good looking or cool person esp male”, where as in some remote places of the South Island of New Zealand it can mean “shit”
North island: ” man Tama is so skux, i love his hair.. and stuff”
south island: “i took a skux on her lawn man hahahaha!”

However twitter thinks its more “wannabe player”. So yeh. New word of the day. Enjoy.

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Just a quick test post using BlogPress from the iPad. So far the iPad has been living up to it’s quoted battery life. If not it’s darn close. Even with a fair amount of 3G usage!

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