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done. so much easier than it used to be!!!

Just a quick test post using BlogPress from the iPad. So far the iPad has been living up to it’s quoted battery life, even more if you play games, while if you play games in the computer like WoW, getting a wow gold buying service can be great. If not it’s darn close. Even with a fair amount of 3G usage!

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Lovely day in Chch.

I’m home sick today feeling most sorry for myself. Normally when I’m off work sick all I want to do is use the time to catch up on work in the relative peace. Not today. Today I’m sick and have not even turned on my computer. Did I mention I’m sick? It’s ok I have my iPhone for company. And my cat.

Which brings me onto my next point. WordPress for iOS. Don’t get me wrong I do like it, especially with all the new features, but surly they could have tested it for bugs first! Everytime I go into the extra settings page it crashes. Also I can’t turn it portrait to write on the iPhone 4 🙁 which is most sad. So in summary video and picture uploading is good. Actually writing is bad.

Back to sleep for me. Woot.
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