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done. so much easier than it used to be!!!

Just a quick test post using BlogPress from the iPad. So far the iPad has been living up to it’s quoted battery life. If not it’s darn close. Even with a fair amount of 3G usage!

– Posted using BlogPress from my iPad

Lovely day in Chch.

I’m home sick today feeling most sorry for myself. Normally when I’m off work sick all I want to do is use the time to catch up on work in the relative peace. Not today. Today I’m sick and have not even turned on my computer. Did I mention I’m sick? It’s ok I have my iPhone for company. And my cat.

Which brings me onto my next point. WordPress for iOS. Don’t get me wrong I do like it, especially with all the new features, but surly they could have tested it for bugs first! Everytime I go into the extra settings page it crashes. Also I can’t turn it portrait to write on the iPhone 4 🙁 which is most sad. So in summary video and picture uploading is good. Actually writing is bad.

Back to sleep for me. Woot.